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Darkice records audio from an audio interface (e.g. sound card), encodes it and sends it to a streaming server. DarkSnow is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for DarkIce. This software is recently implementing a solution for OPUS codec streaming.

The DECODE operating system is a brand new GNU+Linux distribution designed to run on servers, embedded computers and virtual machines to automatically connect micro-services to a private and anonymous peer-to-peer network cluster.

Devuan GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd that allows users to reclaim control over their system by avoiding unnecessary entanglements and ensuring Init Freedom.

Dowse is a beautiful network visualization to make us privacy conscious in the Internet of Things era.

Frei0r is free and open source plugin collection for video effects. Applications can use its API to embed more than 100 video filters, sources and mixers.

GitZone is a Git DNS management tool for BIND9. Sysadmins can update zones pushing to a git repository. It support syntax check and dynamic virtual hosts.

Harvest makes it easy to list files and folders by type and copy or move them around.

HasciiCam makes it possible to have live ASCII art videos on the web. It captures from a webcam and renders ASCII letters to HTML or plain text formats.

Jaro Mail is a suite of console email tools to archive mails without storing them online. Made with old and reliable open source components and standards.

"MuSE is an application for the mixing, encoding, and network streaming of sound: it can mix a microphone and multiple channels and transmit to the Internet."

Made for participatory and democratic organisations aiming to incentivise participation - differently to centralised banking systems - and experiment with different economic models.

Tomb is a system to make strong encryption easy for everyday use. A tomb is like a locked folder that can be safely transported and hidden in a filesystem.

WebNomad is a set of scripts to generate websites and image galleries. Only HTML and shell script knowledge is needed for this simple web design software.

Blockchain interop layer: Zenbridge lets you command and control a swarm of Oracles that can talk to multiple blockchains and databases in a secure and provable way. It extends individual blockchain capabilities and reduces development complexity.

Crypto VM for database and blockchain: Zenroom is a tiny and portable virtual machine that integrates in any application to authenticate and restrict access to data and execute human-readable smart contracts.

Per user SSHFS automount using user's SSH configuration

New project, moved to https://github.com/d-cent/freecoin

the Crypto Undertaker

dyne:bolic is a nomadic operating system, 100% Free, based on GNU/Linux

Autonomy is Organization

Build of Tor maintained to run on TV devices and set-top boxes

Time Based Text

git-based zone management tool for static and dynamic domains

The Awareness Hub for the Internet of Things

Interactive and scriptable console terminal on Android (build framework)

Terminal UI email client to download, filter, search and archive messages off-line

A slick and solid website builder

Roundcube webmail server-side whitelist helper

Zsh Ultimate Programmer's Extensions Refurbished

A list of domains (including CDN hosts) belonging to ICT company silos, i.e. FB, GOOG, AMZN etc.

a "small is beautiful" tool for UNIX privilege escalation

Simple Development Kit for the Devuan GNU/Linux distribution

A large collection of free and portable video plugins

Console interattiva (live-coding) per analisi di dati pubblicati su soldipubblici.gov.it

simple timesheet generator

Organised collection of common file extensions

Tool to sort large collections of files according to common typologies

Minimalistic academic publisher using markdown and pandoc

A minimalist tool to manage multiple profiles for web browsers

FXC Simple Secret Sharing - clojure library

A tool to throw confs around like a ninja

PayPal IPN handler in Clojure for use with Ring and Compojure.

FXC web API for Simple Secret Sharing

A platform-independent Clojure library to genereate OpenSSH compliant key-pairs without using ssh-keygen

Administration of timesheets and project budgets for small and medium organisations

minimal no-fuss pastebin service clone in golang

Signed-Commit Remote Shell - authenticated trigger for remote execution via Git

Freecoin digital currency toolkit - core library

Interactive admin console (REPL) for the social wallet

Common auxiliary functions extending clojure basic utilities

Social Wallet REST API web interface

A simple two factor authentication library

Git to Go; bindings for libgit2. Frozen version 26 for usage in scorsh

Minimal storage lib to facilitate different DB implementations

Embedded no-code VM executing human-like language to manipulate data and process cryptographic operations.

DNSCrypt-Proxy repository, frankly maintained for what it does (no new features planned)

Fork of lurker to keep the mailinglist archive alive with new fixes

Slim docker base images based on Devuan

Render the content of <markdown></markdown> tags inside an HTML file using Pandoc

Leiningen template for clojure webapps based on compojure, just-auth and other dyne libs

An independent captcha that does not feed any AI and takes arbitrary lists of words

Docker setups to quickly deploy some software applications made by Dyne.org

A social wallet with a simple configurable UI backed by the social wallet api

Telegram bot intended for helping automating small tedious tasks of dyne.org internal interaction

Overview of technologies mapped according to our level of adoption

Zenroom Transaction Processor for Hyperledger Sawtooth

Sawtooth blocks explorer

Zenroom crypto module for Redis

:fist: :snake: Python client library for Fist full text search

A mkdocs theme for dyne.org software webpages

Very fast DNS-over-HTTPS to DNS proxy with emphasis on privacy (no logging)

Transaction processor for Decode Petition over Hyperledger Sawtooth

A Social Explorer UI built on top of SWAPI and Sawroom

A building block of the REFLOW infrastructure: a VF implementation in clojure, with graphql as API layer.

Convert a Dockerfile to a shell script

Tendermint / Cosmos proof of concept contract made with Zenroom

Easy REST API builder executing Zencode

prototype tendermint value flows

Lua module for the Paillier cryptographic scheme

Embedded version of decode's proximity app

The Secret Pangolin Code, Fastest Proximity Tracing in the West (FPTW)

zenpub design components

🛠 Easy REST API builder executing Zencode

ReflowOS Architecture and Manual for Distributed Network Setup and Maintenance

Simple Android app, built to show how to use Zenroom libs

Template to build your own website using Webnomad styled in Bulma

:rocket: Running Zenroom js on HTML

Code samples linked from https://medium.com/think-do-tank

Execute chain of zencode smart contracts

minimalist sudo alternative: multi-user privilege escalation tool in three letters

Save generic stuff on hyperledger sawroom

Base installer for home-assistant + extensions for Devuan on RaspberryPi 4

Bonfire module for REFLOW authenticated graphs

UI for reflow bonfire app

Self contained server, producing an ECDSA signed unix timestamp

Reflow: Zero Knowledge Multi Party Signatures with Application to Distributed Authentication

Zenroom DNS utilities

Base scripts to run Reflow OS

Rust micro-service for fast async Zencode execution

DECODE Project static website, rendered from the original site in Drupal

Website for zenroom.org

Port of Zenroom crypto primitives running on Lua5.1/Luajit including Nginx, Tarantool and Openresty