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DarkFi :: A free and open-source anonymous P2P ecosystem and cryptocurrency

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About DarkFi

DarkFi is a new Layer 1 blockchain, designed with anonymity at the forefront. It offers flexible private primitives that can be wielded to create any kind of application. DarkFi aims to make anonymous engineering highly accessible to developers.

DarkFi uses advances in zero-knowledge cryptography and includes a contracting language and developer toolkits to create uncensorable code.

In the open air of a fully dark, anonymous system, cryptocurrency has the potential to birth new technological concepts centered around sovereignty. This can be a creative, regenerative space - the dawn of a Dark Renaissance.


Source code

The source code of DarkFi is released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License. The latest source code can be obtained using git at: codeberg.org/darkrenaissance/darkfi

Further instructions on how to compile and install the software can be found in the repository’s README file.


DarkFi’s documentation can be found in the mdbook where most of the ecosystem is documented. Additionally, the source code and the programming API documentation is available in the git repository and can be built with make rustdoc.


You can get in touch with the developer community by using the P2P decentralized IRC chat system. The instructions for installation and a guide on how to join the chat can be found in the documentation.

Every Monday, at 16:00 CET there is a developers’ meeting in the #dev channel that is done via text in public and everyone is welcome to attend it.

DarkFi also has a blog at https://dark.fi/insights/ where occasionally some insights are published.