AutOrg :: autonomous and extensible editor for power users

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AutOrg :: autonomous and extensible editor for power users

AutOrg aims to be a personal information organizer that works off-line on your computer and supports easy publishing, encryption and sharing of selected parts of information. All in all, AutOrg is “only” a text editor based on Emacs, pre-configured with Org-mode and many other extensions, then shipped ready to use for GNU/Linux and Mac/OSX users. It is regularly used by its maintainer for a variety of tasks like writing human language essays, programming code, making lecture slides, keeping passwords safe and teaching classes.

Early but usable release

If you are already an Emacs user, you likely don’t need AutOrg. However, here you can take a quick look at the collection of ELisp extensions we are integrating.

If you never heard about anything we have named so far, then this is your chance to become a bit more literate about reliable computer tools: grab this occasion and read on! The time you spend studying this stuff will all be saved off the frustrations from using proprietary, third-party tools or even worst on-line services which are apparently easy, but unreliable on the longer term.

If you like, you are welcome to share your suggestions and make a donation to the people busy on this development.



The AutOrg binary distribution is a universal build for Intel based Mac/OSX computers and its download is approximately 70MB big. It also includes the AnonymousPro font ready to be installed for the best visual experience while editing your text. GNU/Linux users can also make use of AutOrg by running the startup script in the gnu/ directory inside the source distribution on the Git repository.

Download zone



Clone, fork and contribute on GitHub: github.com/dyne/AutOrg


+ Extensions

mactexlogoX5AutOrg aims to integrate seamlessly with other software that facilitate writing and publishing, in particular with LaTex. If you are using AutOrg and you like to publish beautiful PDF files out of your work, we recommend to download and install MacTex which is a TexLive distribution of LaTex.

To save information in a very secure way on your harddisk, never writing anything in clear, but transparently encrypting information on every save, AutOrg integrates with GnuPG both on GNU/Linux and Apple/OSX (via gpgtools). Just install GnuPG on your system and then create or open files with a .org.asc extension: AutOrg will automatically encrypt them on save and ask you which public key to use for that. This is a very simple way to keep your passwords safe (and organized using org-mode) inside an encrypted file that is interoperable: its all plain text that can be opened via gnupg on any platform.

To make graphs and visualize ideas in an intuitive way is not easy. Org-mode helps a lot with that as an outliner, but showing the results to people can be fancier than that. FreeMind is a free and open source software available for all platforms which works off-line to visualise maps of concepts interlinked in a tree fashion. AutOrg can export directly to FreeMind, resulting in a wonderful way to present your notes to a meeting: take them into AutOrg and then render an image – without the need of any online service!


To learn about the enormous power of our tools, read the on-line Org-mode manual and maybe buy the Org Mode 7 Reference Book by Network Theory Ltd.

If you like to organise a workshop on how to use AutOrg, which would be basically a user-friendly workshop for Mac/OSX, GNU/Linux and/or Android users on how to use Emacs and Org-mode in a productive way, do not hesitate and contact us!. It won’t be gratis, but it can be enlightening.


Welcome to stay tuned! AutOrg is soon going to be much more than an editor. Meanwhile, you can browse its sourcecode on Code.Dyne.org – also fork it and send us patches.