Equality Plan and appointed officers at Dyne.org

We are hackers.Our Equality Plan reflects the core values and principles that guide our small non-profit foundation as a research organization working closely with the European Commission. As advocates for progress and innovation, we firmly believe that gender equality is not just a goal to achieve but an intrinsic element of European values, promoting a fair, diverse, and inclusive society.

Equality Plan

At Dyne.org, we envision a future where equality is ingrained in all facets of our organization, research projects, and interactions. Our commitment to fostering an environment that empowers individuals irrespective of age, gender and neurodiversity aligns with the European Commission’s vision for a more equitable Europe.

We believe that progress is nurtured through celebrating and integrating all forms of diversity, recognizing that each individual brings unique perspectives and strengths. In addition to our unwavering commitment to gender equality, we hold paramount the importance of embracing generational diversity (age) and neurodiversity.

Gender Diversity

We recognize the importance of instilling inclusive practices in every aspect of our work. We aim to maintain a work culture that is tolerant and celebrates diversity. We want to grant equal opportunities for our professional development, ensure fair compensation regardless of gender, and implement flexible work arrangements that cater to individual needs.

Generational Diversity

Age diversity is essential to building a well-rounded and dynamic organization. Our team comprises individuals from different generations, currently spanning between 16 and 80 years old, each contributing their wealth of knowledge, experiences, and innovative thinking.

By fostering an environment that values and respects the contributions of all age groups, we cultivate a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, enabling us to stay at the forefront of research and innovation.

Moreover, we emphasize intergenerational collaboration, recognizing that when different age groups come together, they can inspire each other, creating a harmonious exchange of ideas that fuels creativity and forward-thinking.


We embrace neurodiversity as a vital element of our inclusive approach. We acknowledge how individuals process information, think, and perceive the world. By embracing neurodiversity, we empower individuals with unique cognitive abilities to contribute to our research initiatives, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to complex challenges.

We are committed to providing an accommodating and supportive environment that allows all individuals, regardless of neurodevelopmental differences, to thrive and unleash their full potential. Inclusivity lies at the heart of our interactions, ensuring every team member and volunteer feels valued, respected, and heard.

Our Starting Point

As a small organization, we are proud to start from a good balance point regarding gender and age representation within our team. The diversity of our colleagues and the numerous volunteers contributing to our projects exemplifies our dedication to inclusivity. We acknowledge the positive progress made thus far and pledge to build upon this foundation to enhance equality within our organization further.

Appointed Officers

To strengthen our commitment, we have appointed a dedicated Gender Bias Officer: our colleague Manuela Annibali.

We also have designated an officer of reference for any report about Neurodiversity and Age Bias: Puria Nafisi Azizi.

These officers are vital in proactively identifying and addressing potential biases within our projects, policies, or decision-making processes. By having an unbiased perspective, we aim to ensure a fair and equal environment for everyone associated with our foundation.

Research Focus

As a research organization, we understand the significant impact our findings can have on shaping policies and societal norms. We commit to conducting sensitive research, addressing specific challenges, and advocating for evidence-based solutions that promote equality.

We design our research projects to focus on exploring how people of different gender intersect with other social identities to understand better and address various forms of discrimination. By incorporating perspectives from individuals across different age groups and cognitive profiles, we enrich the depth and impact of our findings, generating knowledge that benefits all segments of society.

Public Awareness and Advocacy

In line with our European values, we will actively engage in public awareness campaigns and advocacy efforts to promote equality beyond the confines of our organization. By leveraging our network and collaborating with partners, we seek to influence broader societal attitudes and encourage collective action towards a more equitable Europe.

Monitoring and Reporting

To gauge our progress and continuously improve our gender equality initiatives, we establish regular monitoring mechanisms and conduct periodic internal assessments to measure our performance against set goals and identify areas for further improvement.

Our diversity officers are not involved in Human Resources roles and act as well-informed points of contact for anyone in need to report problems, both people working in the organization day to day or volunteering for projects. The board of the Dyne.org foundation privileges the accounts given by these officers as experienced advisors when debating matters of diversity.


As we journey towards a more inclusive and equal society, Dyne.org remains steadfast in its commitment to equality, staying true to the European values that drive us.

By working hand in hand with our partners, stakeholders, and the European Commission, we can collectively build a future where gender equality is not an aspiration but a reality.

Thank you for your unwavering support on this journey.