A list of credits for all the tools and the content used on this website

The Dowse network visualization shown in the exibition is designed and developed by Denis “Jaromil” Roio, who published it along with the Dowse Whitepaper in 2013. Soon Jaromil was joined by Rob van Kranenburg who has woven the Dowse narrative to a wider perspective on the Internet of Things, and by Federico Bonelli who ran workshops in various schools using Dowse.

The project has been funded by SIDN Fonds and received the ISOC NL Prize 2016.

The Dowse software includes code contributions by Luca Greco, Ivan Jelinčić, Andrea Scarpino, Nicola Rossi and Danilo Spinella, and is based on the DNSCrypt Proxy v2 framework by Frank Denis. Jaromil is still the current maintainer and accepts contributions via