Situaltional awareness for your Local Area Network

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Dowse processes all DNS network connections on its network and makes them visible in real-time, showing when we connect to .com or .org or .net domains, or to the corporate cloud of social networks. This way we can immediately see how many connections are opened by our personal devices, without us even knowing, every time we connect to a network.

The missing On-OFF button in IOT

Connected things like home appliances should have a clear behaviour humans can understand and react upon. This includes a simple switch to turn them off. Dowse gives an ON/OFF switch back to any device in your LAN.

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Dowse is fun

Dowse talks back to your devices. In open standards: MQTT, Websockets, Open Sound Control. Many types of Internet connected things can treasure the messages that Dowse publishes, to turn them into action. Is a good start for artists, hobbyists and makers to create amazing network-aware effects, visualisations and interfaces. We try to help a community of dowsers to explore this possibility. Share your dowse projects with us.


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Dowse keeps your private network private and lets you understand what is trying to talk about what and be aware of misbehaviours. If necessary Dowse can mute things as well: it switches their access to internet off.

Dowse is a open source project. Experts can look at is code. It is built to last and to be used by anyone because is a community project. If you are interested in us giving workshops…

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