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Networked Affect

Networked Affect(2015)

Ken Hillis, Susanna Paasonen, Michael Petit

Incommunicado reader

Incommunicado reader(2005)

Geert Lovink & Soenke Zehle

How Open is the future?

How Open is the future?(2005)

Marleen Wynants & Jan Cornelius

Engineering Culture

Engineering Culture(2005)

Geoff Cox & Joasia Krysa

Deleuze and Contemporary Art

Deleuze and Contemporary Art(2010)

Simon O'Sullivan, Stephen Zepke

Read_me. Software Art & Cultures

Read_me. Software Art & Cultures(2005)

Simon O'Sullivan, Stephen Zepke

The Alternative Media Handbook

The Alternative Media Handbook(2007)

Kate Coyer, Tony Dowmunt, Alan Fountain